PLAYOKE Dance represents a new dimension of a virtual dance experience. Interactive group games enable participants to compete against each other in real time. Virtual leading dancers, mascots or instructors perform in front of the players who try to imitate their steps and movements simultaneously. 3D Motion Tracking delivers immediate  feedback about the participants’ performance  during the dance competition. Each player gets points and is ranked among all participants. As a result this challenging group battle becomes an entertaining game.


PLAYOKE Dance is an experience for everyone: Youngsters, Teenagers as well as Adults! Your visitors can dance to famous music clips, interact with your Attraction's Mascot or try out Edutaining Games with the versatile features of PLAYOKE Dance

Before PLAYOKE Dance it was only possible to play virtual games at home but now this interactive game can be also experienced in a professional set-up within the leisure industry. 

Let your visitors become part of this new multisensory experience and engage them in this virtual world for the first time ever in a leisure environment!


The experience already starts at the beginning of the game when they log in. Players can enter the game by raising their hand. In the course of the players’ detection a picture is taken from each participant which is visible during the game. While dancing and performing players get animated by real-time feedback and in turn enjoy competing with their rivals.